Our Story

Jesus Surfed Apparel Co. is a Christian based Clothing Company that creates designs to provide visual reminders that everyone has been given the courage to Live Life to the Full & “Walk on Water.”

Our designs are a collaborative effort of many people’s ideas and creativity.  They are meant to invoke certain thoughts such as, “That’s cool”, “Jesus Surfed, huh?”, “What does it mean?”

The inspiration for Jesus Surfed Apparel Co. came from a 2004 event in Virginia Beach, VA called “BeachStock”.  BeachStock is held annually on Memorial Day Weekend and is hosted by the Hampton Roads Church.  In ’04 the theme of BeachStock was “Walk on Water” based on Matthew 14:22-34.

Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 14 are amazing.  First while He was grieving the beheading of John the Baptist, He taught us to be selfless when He showed compassion on the large crowds, not only healing them but also feeding them.  He then taught us the importance of having uninterrupted prayer time when He went up on the mountainside. 

Many people think of Peter losing faith when he attempted to walk on water.  What we should remember is that Peter was the only one who had the courage to get out of the boat.  Peter had faith in Jesus to attempt something that nobody else would. 

Because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, we all have been given the courage to Live Life to the Full by accepting the challenge to "Get Out of the Boat" and that is what it means to "Walk on Water."

For several years the overall concept of "Jesus Surfed Apparel Co." has been somewhere in the back of the hearts, minds & souls of our "Advisory Council" until God made it obvious that the time was right to make those thoughts a reality.

Jesus Surfed Apparel Co. was launched in November of 2012. Initially we created our own designs but outsourced the production of the clothing. By the end of our second year we purchased the necessary equipment and added to our staff to move the production in-house.

An expectation of Jesus Surfed Apparel Co. is to spread the Word and to encourage everyone to "Walk on Water."

We are grateful for all those that have contributed to the continued success of Jesus Surfed Apparel Co.

Thank You!!!