Pence Helped Pick Christians From Congressional Bible Studies for Trump Admin

Leader of the Washington D.C. based Capitol MinistriesRalph Drollinger, praised Vice President Mike Pence on Friday for influencing the selection of strong Christians who are "on fire for Christ" to fill President Donald Trump's administration. He is also now looking forward to the government leaders using their powerful political platforms to spread their faith in the world.

Drollinger, who leads weekly Bible studies with the president's Cabinet, has been conducting House and Senate Bible study meetings for several years. Speaking on last week's First Fridays prayer call held by Intercessors for America, he revealed that when it was time to form Trump's cabinet, he noticed that many of the picks came from the House and Senate Bible studies his organization conducts on Capitol Hill and believes the decisions were guided by Pence.

"We could see that the Trump administration once they were elected were actually plucking members from the House and Senate [Bible] study so we had a purview of what was happening in terms of someone, I think it was Mike Pence, who knew the lay of the land and who the strong believers were ... we could see a lot of them had that in common and really loved Jesus Christ," Drollinger told IFA President Dave Kubal and others who had joined the call.

Drollinger made special mention of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and his faith.

"Rick Perry is one of my best friends after knowing him for 16 months. They call him the teacher's pet because he is hungry for the word of God. He is very sincere in his faith, by that I mean he is without wax. He just always gives the real Rick Perry, every Wednesday morning. So it's like that with all the members and we just picked up a couple members that I don't know too well," he continued. "So these guys are really on fire for Christ and it's a lovely group to lead. It's the best Bible study I've ever led and that's only the Holy Spirit's doing and your prayers."

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Reported by: Christian Post


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