Married American Skaters Share About How Faith Helped Them Through Health Scare

 “This competition’s very meaningful for us,” says Knierim, who skates with husband Chris Knierim. “We’ve kind of been lacking the joy and lightheartedness of life for about two years now, from all the struggles we’ve been through, so being here together, Chris and I are kind of just enjoying it.”

Speaking to reporters not long after their free skate, he and Alexa also discussed the key role their Christian faith has played in their lives, from Alexa’s worsening condition, her diagnosis on through her recovery.

It’s the reason I was able to get back on the ice,” Alexa said, “because I stopped worrying and stopped trying to control life, because I couldn’t. In the moment, you know, I was so sick and didn’t really know where things were going to go for me, whether it was skating or life in general. So I finally just threw my hands up and said like, ‘You lead the way,’ and it’s my testimony and I stay true to it.”

“And even here at the Games, it’s no longer about me,” she continued. “I have fans out there who know that I am a true believer in the Lord and I’m trying my best to shine his light and let people know that it’s okay to promote him and do things for him, because in the Christian life that’s kind of what we’re supposed to.”

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Reported by People Magazine

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