Iran’s Christians Brace for ‘Tsunami of Disaster and Opportunity’

How are Iranian Christians reacting to Soleimani’s death?

Now, with the drumbeats of war increasing, there is complete uncertainty and anxiety. What will happen in case of an escalation of hostilities and engagement in a war? Still, the very bitter memories of the eight-year war with Iraq remain. Iranian Christians will suffer more than any segment of society.

Christians have been suffering for the last four decades in Iran. Almost all rights and citizen’s privileges have been taken away from them. Freedom of worship, freedom of meeting together, are nonexistent. On many occasions, properties have been taken by the government, and many [people] were expelled from work, losing pensions, as soon as someone learns that they are Christian believers. So, in general, Christians have been pushed to a corner.

In case of a war, thousands of Christian families will become internally displaced as well as thousands will flee the country. It will be a humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, I believe that tens of thousands of ordinary Iranians will flee the country as well, arriving in Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan [etc.], thus creating the largest-ever evangelism opportunity. This harvest is huge and will need great collaborative work. We need to connect, pray, plan, and prepare.

When we lose sight of what God has called us to be, light and salt, we lose our influence. I believe the church, down to this day, has not figured out how to do godly governance inside a nation. Every time we mingle with politics and governance, we become corrupt. Like Elisha’s servant, Gehazi, we seek wealth, and we become lepers. When Islam came to Iran, it was not as if the church had not had the opportunity. The church had missed the opportunity.

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Reported by: Christianity Today/Dane Skelton - Photo Credit: Ali Shaeigan / ParsPix / Abaca / Sipa USA (Sipa via AP Images)   

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