Ex-Dolphins Cheerleader Claims She was Mocked for Her Virginity & Christianity

Former Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware has filed a complaint against the team and the NFL, alleging she had been discriminated against for her gender and Christian beliefs, including her desire to remain a virgin until marriage.

Ware's complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations alleges she was harassed because of her faith during her three years with the team, while players are allowed to openly profess their religious beliefs in interviews, on-field prayers, etc. She left the job in spring 2017.

Ware claims her troubles began in 2016, after she posted an image of herself being baptized. After that, she claims cheerleading director Dorie Grogan targeted her with "discipline, ridicule, harassment and abuse” for her beliefs. She also alleges other cheerleading officials mocked her for being a virgin.

Ware is seeking arbitration from the Florida commission, and she also wants a hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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Reported by: Sporting News

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