Evacuated From St. Martin

We received an inspiring email that we were given permission to share:

I wanted to let you all know how much I love your apparel. I have been not only complimented on your shirts while paddle boarding but have also used it for sharing my testimony at the beach and volleyball tournaments. 

Recently my wife and I were on St Martin when Hurricane Irma came through as a category 5 hurricane. We witnessed a heart wrenching amount of destruction there before being military evacuated from the island. With time spent in the hot sun clearing debris and standing in line to try and leave the island the JSAC long sleeve sport shirt was perfect and got worn a lot. Even got washed in a rain shower from Hurricane Jose while we were stuck on St Martin. On our last day on the island it was on me as we finally made our way to get on the C-130 as we left the island. Just wanted to let you know your apparel has been through the storm and though battered, still is one of my favorites to put on. 
With high regards
Peter Bogacz
Bayside Community Church
Sarasota, FL
"Captain America"

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