3 Ways to Create a Culture of Faith in Your Christian Business

As a Christian business owner your faith-values have infused with the values and ethics that comprise your company. As a Christian, your faith and your work are integrated.

But, how do you incorporate a culture of faith that runs as a vein throughout your entire business? Rather than just being a Christian business in name, how do you create a missionally-minded workplace that stands apart?


This kind of gospel-focused heartbeat is born out of intentionality of leadership (that’s you) and a Biblically-based infrastructure.

  1. Corporate Prayer and Bible Study

To establish a presence of faith throughout your whole business, try to all be before the Lord, in prayer and in His word, together. If you’re serious about believing that your business is God’s business, then you know you need Him to be interwoven in what is happening at work. Take time to pray together as a staff. Pray over your business, your customers, big projects, but also over your staff’s experiences at work and outside of work.

  1. Invest in the Discipleship of your Employees

As a leader, you have the unique opportunity to speak into the activities, roles, and lives of your employees. And as a small business owner, you have the opportunity to do so in a religious context.

Discipleship is a step beyond your “boss” role. Discipleship means showing your employees that you value you them enough to invest in them.

For your employees that are Christians, this provides an opportunity for spiritual growth and allows them to be ministered to. For employees that are not believers, this is your mission field. This is your opportunity to fulfill the great commission in your business.

  1. Biblical Conflict Resolution

Part of having a strong, Christ-centered business is recognizing that everything is not going to be rainbows and butterflies. You cannot expect to avoid difficulty or ignore conflict simply because you are following the Lord. Christ experienced a lot of conflict in His ministry. However, it is our approach that will be the difference.

Handling conflict Biblically also requires intentionality in work culture and is an aspect of your business where faith can absolutely be incorporated. If the culture of conflict in your business is marked with humility and grace, rather than hostility and frustration, then your workplace could be transformed.

Each of these areas requires intentionality and strong Christian leadership. However, when we pursue faith in our business we are seeking work by God’s design. Take bite-sized pieces. This change won’t occur overnight, it will require time.

Written by Rachel Miley

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